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ICAYS 2018

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3rd International Conference in Aerospace for Young Scientists (ICAYS 2018)


Organized by

School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering of Beihang University


Sponsored by

AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Design & Research Institute


Continuing from the outstanding success of ICAYS 2016 and ICAYS 2017, we are proud to present ICAYS 2018 which will provide an opportunity for researchers, engineers and students to discuss and exchange ideas on issues and developments in the aerospace-related fields. Topics of this year's conference include solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics and control, aircraft design, man-machine and environmental engineering, aerospace power and propulsion, engineering mechanics and interdisciplinary, and aerospace education.

ICAYS 2018 will be held in Beijing, China from September 15th to 16th, 2018. After proper registration and presentation, all accepted papers will be published in the ICAYS 2018 conference Proceedings and reviewed by CNKI.



Conference  Place

Beihang  University, Beijing, China

Expected  Attendance

More  than 200 people


Beihang  University

Tsinghua  University

Northwestern  PolytechnicalUniversity

Nanjing  University Of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Shanghai  Jiao Tong University

Xi’an  Jiao Tong University

Zhejiang  University

Xiamen  University

Sichuan  University

University  of Electronic Science and technology

Dalian  University of Technology

AVIC  Chengdu Aircraft Design& Research Institute

The Hong  Kong University of Science and Technology

The  Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Hong  Kong Polytechnic University

American  Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Imperial  College London

TechnischeUniversitaet  München

Technische  Universität Darmstadt

Korea  Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Georgia  Institute of Technology

Samara  State Aerospace University named after academician S.P.

Federal  University of Rio de Janeiro




The ICAYS consists of the following 7 special topics:

lSolid Mechanics‍‍

lFluid Mechanics

lDynamics and Control

lAircraft Design

lMan-Machine and Environmental Engineering

lAerospace Power and Propulsion

lEngineering Mechanics and Interdisciplinary


For the details, please go to the Themes part or just click the relevant topic upside.





E-mail: (For English) (For Chinese)


        +86 176 1079 5896 (For Chinese)

            Only available during 8 am to 6 pm in Beijing Time (0 am to 10 am in GMT)

        +86 176 1083 0680 (For English)

            Only available during 8 am to 6 pm in Beijing Time (0 am to 10 am in GMT)


        Beihang University, NO. 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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