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Solid Mechanics

Structural Fatigue Life and Reliability  

Small Sample Theory and Technology  

Aircraft Mechanics and Impact Protection Technology  

Aircraft Structural Dynamics  

Structural Analysis Technology of Light-Weighted Materials and Composite Materials  

Multi-field Coupling Analysis for Complex Structure  

Multi-scale Mechanical Analysis and Numerical Simulation Techniques



Ⅱ Fluid Mechanics

Separation and Vortical Flow  

Computational Fluid Mechanics  

Aerodynamics for Advanced Aircraft  

Turbulence and Transition Control  

Bio-fluid Mechanics and Bionics  

Physical Fluids and Engineering Application


Ⅲ Dynamics and Control

Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control

Flight Test and Flight Experiment Technology  

Flight Quality and Safety  

Flight Mission Planning and Measure of Effectiveness


Ⅳ Aircraft Design

Aircraft Aerodynamic/Structural/Invisible/Control Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization  

Aircraft Advanced Structural Design Technology

Co-axial Helicopter Design Technology  

Micro Aircraft Design Technology  

Advanced Aircraft Flight Dynamic Design
and Optimization Technology  

Air Traffic Safety Technology of Aircraft  

Prototype and Engineering Platform Research

System Integration and Near Space Vehicle Verification  

Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering

Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering  

Environment Simulation Technique  

Environment and Human Machine Engineering  

Aircraft Environment Control and Life Supporting Engineering  

Special Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technique  

Thermal Protection Technique of Electronic Equipment  

High-Efficient Heat Transfer and Eneragy-Saving Technique  

Ⅵ Aerospace Power and Propulsion

Engineering Thermal Physics

Thermo Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery  

Multiphase Flow Combustion  

Energy and Environmental Engineering  

New Energy Air Vehicle  


Ⅶ Engineering Mechanics and Interdisciplinary

Energy and Power Engineering  

Biomimetic Mechanics      

Nonlinear Dynamics and Multi-body Dynamics  

Other Interdisciplinary  





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