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ICAYS 2016

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The 2016 International Conference in aerospace for young scientists was held in Beijing, China, from 11 to 12 November. More than 100 scholars from over 20 universities and research institutions around the world attended the conference. 182 papers were submitted during this conference, and 132 papers, including 35 by Hong Kong and foreign students, and 32 by other domestic colleges and universities, were accepted after strict review.

A total of 104 participants and eight well-known international experts made a series of splendid reports on their own research. Professor Jose Herskovits from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Professor Dianzi Liu from the University of East Anglia made a wonderful academic report at the opening ceremony. In addition, six well-known scholars were invited to make reports under each sub-forum. The sub-forum topics covered a variety of theoretical and empirical issues in relation to mechanics, aircraft design, power control and etc.

This conference is closely focused on the international academic frontier, providing a platform for worldwide aviation young scholars to present scientific research and their progress. It offers an opportunity of face-to-face interaction for young scholars from different regions to discuss about new ideas. Accordingly, it will fully expand the scope of academic communication for young scholars, and promote international academic exchange in the field of aviation.


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