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Introduction of Shijun Guo

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Prof. Guo(MSc, PhD, CEng, FRAeS, FHEA, SMAIAA) is specialized in Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics especially Composite Structures. He joined Cranfield University in 2003. He has supervised 2 Post-Doc Research Assistants, 12 PhD and 25 MSc Research students, 15 academic visitors and visiting PhD students. He has published over 120 journal and conference papers, delivered several technical reports to programme sponsors. He has also number of patents in novel FWR MAV and Tilt-Wing-Rotor UAV design.

Prior to the current position, he worked as a senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire (1998-2003) and University of Lincolnshire (1996-98), post-doctoral research fellow in Oxford University (1995-96) and City University, London(1993-95).

Prior to his academic positions, he worked in the aerospace industry for over 10 years as are search engineer in an Aircraft Structure Research Institute, AVIC, Xi'an, China (1981-87) and as a visiting engineer at the formal British Aerospace(Civil Aircraft Division, Hatfield, 1987-92).


Prof. Guo is the course director of the Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) MSc (March Intake)and academic director of an MSc aircraft design training programme for AVIC since 2008. He delivers lectures as module leader in the subjects of Design and Analysis of Composite Structures, Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics in the AVD MSc course. He also provides supervision to the AVD group design project, chairs the composite structure subgroup and supervises individual MSc student projects.

Prof. Guo has a wide range of research interests and activities. He leads a research team in Aeroelasticity and Composite Structures and supervises number of researchers, PhD and MSc student projects. He is currently involved in are search project on composite wing optimization sponsored by Embraer and a project on power-plant integration platform system funded by Innovative-UK and Rolls-Royce. His research activity covers the morphing wing technology, smart composite structures, passive gust alleviation, MDO and aeroelastic tailoring of aircraft. He also keeps research on bio-inspired flapping wing aircraft following the first successful vertical take-off flight test in the world of his novel micro flapping wing rotor.

Professor of Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity Centre for Aeronautics Cranfield University []

Areas of expertiseAerospace Structures  Aircraft Design  Composites

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