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The 2016 International Conference in aerospace for young scientists was held in Beijing, China, from 11 to 12 November. More than 100 scholars from over 20 universities and research institutions around the world attended the conference. 182 papers were submitted during this conference, and 132 papers, including 35 by Hong Kong and foreign students, and 32 by other domestic colleges and universities, were accepted after strict review.

A total of 104 participants and eight well-known international experts made a series of splendid reports on their own research. Professor Jose Herskovits from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Professor Dianzi Liu from the University of East Anglia made a wonderful academic report at the opening ceremony. In addition, six well-known scholars were invited to make reports under each sub-forum. The sub-forum topics covered a variety of theoretical and empirical issues in relation to mechanics, aircraft design, power control and etc.

This conference is closely focused on the international academic frontier, providing a platform for worldwide aviation young scholars to present scientific research and their progress. It offers an opportunity of face-to-face interaction for young scholars from different regions to discuss about new ideas. Accordingly, it will fully expand the scope of academic communication for young scholars, and promote international academic exchange in the field of aviation.


Steering committee


Prof. Haijun Huang (Vice-president and Dean of the graduate school of Beihang University)


Prof. Xiaowu Chen

Prof. Deyu Li

Dr. Wenwen Wang

Prof. Guiping Lin

Prof. Junfeng Li

Prof. Yiting Zhang

Prof. Chuiqian Kong

Academic Committee


Academician Chunxuan Li
Academician Jun Wang


Prof. Dongsheng Wen

Prof. Jinwu Xiang

Prof. Zuojun Shen

Prof. Yuexi Xiong

Prof. Zhichun Yang

Prof. Bruce Jolly

Prof. Jiyun Lee

Prof. Jinglei Yang

Prof. Ing.habil.llia Roisman

Prof. Chao Yang

Prof. Yufeng Xing

Prof. Qingyun Wang

Prof. Luhui Li

Prof. Pinqi Xia

Prof. Hardalupas

Prof. Jose Herskovits

Prof. Larry Li

Prof. Ing.habil.Suad Jakirlic

Prof. Jinjun Wang

Prof. Yong Huang

Prof. Mao Sun

Prof. Luming Li

Prof. Susan Ying

Prof. Xiangyu Hu

Prof. Aleksey Viktorovich Ivchenko

Prof. Christopher Chao

Youth Committee


Prof. Zhiqiang Wan

Prof. Zaoyang Guo

Dr. Meng Liu

Dr. Yang Yu

Dr. Dianzi Liu

Prof. Rui Bao

Prof. Yuli Chen

Dr. Qi Gao

Dr. Daochun Li

Prof. Hu Liu

Prof. Leiting Dong

Dr. Liguo Sun

Dr. Hengdong Xi

Organizing Committee


Dr. Xiaodong Song


Dr. Chongwen Jiang

Dr. Bing Wang

Dr. Tianxinag Hu

Prof. Junqiang Bai

Dr. Xiaobin Shen

Dr. Zhongye Wang

Executive Committee


Dr. Chongwen Jiang


Dr. Bing Wang

Xiaoqi Li

Huixing Lin

Dr. Tianxinag Hu

Zhibin Lv

Dr. Xiaobin Shen

Xianglin Zhang

Speakers at ICAYS 2016

Opening Ceremony Report 1

Title: A general feasible points approach for inequality constraints and
complementarity conditions in continuous mathematical programming.
Time: 2016.11.12.10:00.
Place: Ruxin conference center.
Reporter: Jose Herskovits

Brief introduction to the reporter:
Jose Herskovits is a Senior Professor at COPPE, the Graduate Scholl of Engineering of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, where he works since 1977. He is also advisor at IME, the Military Institute of Engineering. Jose Herskovits works on the development of Numerical Methods for Optimization and their applications in Mechanical Engineering, mainly in Structural Optimization and Stress Analysis involving variational inequalities.
Brief Introduction to the Report:
In this talk, we present a numerical approach for these problems based on perturbed Newton like iterations. The magnitude of this perturbation is precisely determined in order to obtain a search direction that is feasible as well as descent with respect to a suitable potential function. A descent and feasible sequence is obtained by means of a line search procedure.


Opening Ceremony Report 2

Title: Topology and parametric optimization of lattice composite fuselage designs.
Time: 2016.11.12.11:00.
Place: Ruxin conference center.
Reporter: Dianzi Liu

Brief introduction to the reporter:
Dr Dianzi Liu is a Lecturer in Engineering at the University of East Anglia (UEA), UK and Associate Chair Professor at the Beihang University, China. His current research interests include Composite Aerostructures, Structural Analysis, Simulation and Optimization Driven Designs, Implementation and Application of Optimization Algorithms/Techniques in the Mechanical, Manufacturing and Aerospace Engineering.
Brief Introduction to the Report:
In this talk, topology optimization of aircraft fuselage section is performed in order to provide a scientific basis for finding a rational structural layout. A detailed finite element model for the fuselage structure including the barrel, floors, ring frames and struts is built.


Mini Symposium Report

Solid Mechanics Venue

Title: Tackling the interfacial issues in fiber-metal laminated composites
Time: 2016.11.12 13:30.
Place:Conference Room 3 of New Main Building.
Reporter: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,Jinglei Yang.

Brief introduction to the reporter:
Dr Jinglei Yang is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). His research interests include multifunctional composites/structures/coatings and mechanics.
Brief Introduction to the Report:
Fiber-metal laminates (FMLs) have attracted much attention because of their successful applications in A380 and Boeing 787 with excellent combined properties from both metals and fiber reinforced plastics. However, to seamlessly integrate these two materials together is a challenge for long-term service. In this talk, Dr Yang will introduce his research on the development of two types of FML structures: carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) tubular structure with Ti alloy as liner pipe using innovative filament winding approach, and impact resistant FML flat structure using Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) method.


Fluid Mechanics Venue

Title:Low-dissipation high-order WENO and TENO schemes.
Time: 2016.11.12 13:30.
Place: Conference Room 4 of New Main Building.
Reporter:Technische Universität München,Xiangyu Hu.

Brief introduction to the reporter:
Xiangyu Y. Hu received his PhD in explosion dynamics from Beijing Institute of Technology. He is an adjunct teaching professor at Technische Universität München. From 2005, he is the head of Complex Fluids Group at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics. He is the author of more than 50 journal papers. His research interests are multiscale, multiphysics modeling with mesh and meshless methods.
Brief introduction to the report:
In this talk, he will review the development of high-order WENO (weighted essentially non-oscillatory) and TENO (target ENO) schemes for numerical simulation of highly compressible, turbulent flow with shock wave.


Dynamics and Control Venue

Title:The Noise-Proof Digital Speckle Pattern              Interferometer for Technical System                           Investigation.
Time: 2016.11.12 13:30. Place: Conference Room 6 of New Main Building.
Place: Conference Room 4 of New Main Building.
Reporter:Samara Univercity, Ivchenko Aleksey Viktorovich.

Brief introduction to the report:
The review presents results associated with development of noise-proof digital speckle pattern interferometer with continuous laser for registration the object vibration and deformation without isolation from mechanical disturbances. For recording interferogram of object placed on the separated platform, the optical scheme with the scattering element is offered.

Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering Venue

Title:Forced synchronization of hydrodynamically self-excited jets and flames.
Time: 2016.11.12 13:30.
Place:Conference Room 7 of New Main Building.
Reporter:Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,Larry Li.

Brief introduction to the reporter:
Dr Larry Li is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Prof Li’s research focuses on flow instability, combustion and thermoacoustics, with applications ranging from aircraft propulsion to spray painting.
Brief introduction to the report:
In the analysis of thermoacoustic systems, a flame is usually characterised by the way its heat release responds to acoustic forcing. This response depends on the hydrodynamic stability of the flame. If a hydrodynamically globally unstable flame really is insensitive to forcing at other frequencies, then it should be possible to weaken thermoacoustic oscillations by detuning the natural frequency of the hydrodynamic mode from that of the acoustic modes. In this talk, I will present results from simple experiments designed to test this idea.


Aerospace Power and Propulsion Venue

Title:On Stabilities of Rotation Detonation.
Time: 2016.11.12 13:30.
Place:Conference Room 5 of New Main Building.
Reporter:Tsinghua University,Bing Wang

Brief introduction to the reporter:
Wang Bing, Distinguished researcher (teaching and research series), born in February 1977 in Hebei Tangshan. He teaches and does research work in School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Tsinghua University since 2005 . Prof Wang’s research focuses on the advanced mechanism of ignition and turbulence two-phase combustion process, law and control mechanism of advanced engine extreme conditions (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 973, the national major projects funded).
Brief introduction to the report:
The experimental test and comparative analysis of rotating detonation wave motion stability in a laboratory scale hydrogen/air rotating detonation engine (RDE) are reported in this paper. The pressure signals are obtained at the different circumferential and axial positions of the RDE under the equivalence ratio of 1.01 and 1.52. The stable propagation, mode switching, direction inverse and hetero-rotating are produced during the working process of RDE.


Special Activities

On the night of November 12th, the dinner party of the ICAYS with the theme of “611 night” was held in the restaurant of Training Center of Beihang University. In this party, Scholars from different countries got together and had good communication while enjoying gourmet meals. They could thus exchange acdemic thoughts in a more relaxing and informal atmosphere.

During the dinner, the deputy director of AVIC CHENGDU AIRCRAFT DESIGN & RESEARCH INSTITUTE expressed his expectations to the young scholars participated in ICAYS and encouraged them to continue to make contributions to the development of aviation industry. Prof. Guiping Lin, secretary of the party committee of School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering attended the above mentioned activities.